KuulFoods is an online platform for businesses in the food supply industry who are looking to boost sales as the ‘new normal’ emerges


KuulFoods makes it easy to promote and sell your products to a wider audience. Our online platform is easy to set up and use with no contract, minimum spends or monthly fees, putting you in control. 

With financial support from Fishmongers Company, we have been able to accelerate our first and second editions of our KuulFoods offering to all of those in the food supply industry looking to sell direct for the first time or those looking for an easier and seamless solution to their existing business with the upgrade to e-commerce.

The solution we are developing will also work in other food supply businesses, such as butchers, and is specifically aimed at independent businesses serving a local population.

We host the e-commerce store on our platform KuulFoods.com and we provide retailers with a web link which you can insert onto buttons on your website, social media accounts or email marketing campaigns. Customers will then click those buttons and visit your specific online store. Don’t have a website? We can help there too…

Click here for an example of how a web store works. 


KuulFoods is part of the KuulGroup of companies, we build Cleverly Connected systems to help SME’s to reduce the number of tech solutions they have, reduce costs, improve efficiency and boost sales. All delivered on a simple to use platform.

Features of KuulFoods

  • No contract
  • No minimum spends
  • No monthly fees
  • Merchant fees set at 2%
  • Money in your account 2 working days later
  • Full support and set up
  • Ability to add images to your online store
  • Full data capture
  • Integrates with our future in-house retail version

In the near future, we will be launching the full retail version of the solution. This is a fully integrated EPOS, stock, payments and database solution which will connect seamlessly with your online sales system.


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